Picture of the equipment :  AUTOMATIC SLICER


Food sectors:

Dairy products
Fruits and vegetables


The slicer is designed with the highest possible manufacturing standards in quality and safety and is perfect for intensive use. The slice thickness, adjustable from 0 to 23 mm, dispositive different products such as:. Cooked sausages, hams, cheeses and raw meats but fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, pineapple meat etc. It is ideal for large kitchens, communities, central kitchens, cafeterias, caterers and laboratories.


Sliced ​​meat, vegetables or cheese.

Important Note: When the LED is lit for sharpening the blade, warn the technician responsible for performing this operation.


Manufacturer and modelHobart 3813
Dual useAutomatic and manual
Theoretical cutting capacity3 120 slices/h
Speed400 rev/min.
In automatic mode3 slicing speed
Thickness adjustment---