Picture of the equipment :  CANS CRIMPING


Food sectors:

Dairy products
Fruits and vegetables




This device enables us to close the cans using one of these four methods: atmospheric pressure, removing the air inside by removing the air and adding a desired gas, or "multiflush" where you can make the vacuum and add a gas, then add another gas, and until three consecutive mode.


Crimping cans before sterilization.


Manufacturer and modelDominion Grimm
Cans size¨to 6 ¼¨ in diameter and more than 7¨ tall
Capacity atmospheric mode10 cans/min.
Capacity vacuum mode8 cans/min.
Capacity vacuum mode and a gas6 cans/min.
Capacity multiflush mode3 cans/min.
Pressure required to seal the boxes

Compound container: 70 psi

Aluminium container : 85 psi

Steel container : 95 psi

Atmospheric pressure, vacuum or modified atmosphere (gas)

Speed : 3 to 10 cans/min. depending on the mode