Picture of the equipment :  SPRAY DRYER


Food sectors:

Dairy products
Fruits and vegetables


Thermal processes


The spray drying consists of transforming a concentrated fog in a chamber where the droplets thus formed solution with a diameter ranging from 50 to 200 microns, are entrained by a stream of hot air which dried. To atomize the liquid, it can be passed through a spray nozzle or a rotating disc. The dried product finally falls to the bottom of the device where it is discharged. The drying time does not exceed a few seconds , to avoid overheating while smaller the larger are not yet dry particles , it is necessary that the diameter of the droplets is as uniform as possible. The drying air typically enters at a temperature of 200oC and exits at a temperature from 90 to 100oC. The fine particles are then separated from the final product through the cyclone separator and are expelled with moist air to the filter.


Drying of liquid.


Manufacturer and modelGEA Niro
Maximum temperature of the inlet air


Maximum temperature of the air leaving


Maximum speed of disk rotation40 000 RPM (air pressure of 6 bar)
Suggested pressure with spray nozzle 0.5 to 2 bar
Spray angles

Between 10 and 30o

Air dryingAir temperature at the inletAir temperature at the outletEvaporation capacity
85 kg/h150oC80oC1,3 kg/h
85 kg/h170oC85oC1,7 kg/h
80 kg/h200oC90oC2,5 kg/h
80 kg/h240oC90oC3,4 kg/h
75 kg/h350oC90oC7,0 kg/h