Picture of the equipment :  STERILE FILLING HOOD


Food sectors:

Dairy products


Thermal processes


The filler is equipped with two filling stations. Both positions can be operated manually or automatically according to a specific programming. The programming is done by entering the charging time (in sec.) of the desired volume. The machine starts to fill the position # 1 by opening the valve 1, controlled by the timer. When the time of filling station # 1 has elapsed, the valve 1 closes and the product moves towards the valve 2 which opens. The filler is equipped with a “HEPA " filter (high efficiency particulate air ) which holds all particles of the ambient air ³ 0.3 m m including bacteria, spores, viruses and the shoot ( positive pressure ) in the filling chamber . So our product is protected from post- contamination. This hood horizontal laminar flow should never be used in microbiology or virology because it only protects the product inside of the hood and not the operator and the lab air because the air is pushed these: a biological safety cabinet (BSE) shall be required in these situations.

Can be used in line with pasteurizers: UHT-HTST Microthermics, Actini or Chalinox.


Packing of pasteurized or sterile products.


Manufacturer and modelMicroThermics/sterilizable
Adjustable flow filling0,3 l/min à 3 l/min.
Recommended filling rate

1,5 l/min. or » 100 l/h

Minimum temperature sterilization

121 °C

Maximum temperature sterilization

132 °C

Airflow – The filter is to change when:

90 f/min. ±20 f/min.

Filtre = < 70f/min
Air pressure causing (07/04/06) – If it doubles, the filter needs to be change0,35 inches w.c