Picture of the equipment :  MINI SPRAY-DRYER BÜCHI


Food sectors:

Fruits and vegetables
Dairy products


The drying spray consists of transforming a solution into a concentrated fog in a chamber where the droplets, of a diameter ranging from 50 to 200 microns are carried by a hot air stream which dry the droplets. To atomize the liquid, it can be passed through a spray nozzle available in various sizes. The dried product finally falls at the bottom of the device where it is discharged. The drying time does not exceed a few seconds, to avoid overheating smaller particles, while the larger ones are not dry yet. It is necessary that the diameter of the droplets is as uniform as possible. The drying air is between 100 and 220°C. The fine particles are separated from the final product at the base of the main tube.

Drying of liquid at various concentrations in order to collect a solid powder.


Manufacturer/model BÜCHI/B-290
T° max. inlet air 220°C
Particules sizes 1 - 25 μm 
Evaporation capacity 1 l/h
Air flow 35 m3/h
Nozzle tip diameter 0,7; 1,4; 2 mm