Picture of the equipment :  SEPARATOR 100L/HRE


Food sectors:

Dairy products




The skimmer is a device for separating liquids of different densities. This is due to the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the central part of the unit that this separation is possible. The centrifugal action causes the portion of the milk with the highest density to fill the space near the edge of the bowl and by default; the cream having a lower density fills the center of the bowl. Furthermore , the conical discs stacked one on the other and located in the separation zone of the two liquids of different density prevent turbulent flow of the cream to the outlet . Indeed, the laminar flow with little agitation improves the separation efficiency.

The apparatus (Wesfalia model) enables the clarification of a product containing suspended solids. The principle is the same except that the discs are replaced by a bowl of clarification. Clarification by centrifugation is carried out in order to separate the opalescent produced the most unstable particles, so high molecular weight, which would settle during storage. These are forced by centrifugal force to deposit on the walls of the separation chamber. This deposit remains trapped in the room while the clear fluid is expelled outside the chamber separation grooves and rises to the top and out through small holes provided for this purpose. Finally, it is important to regularly empty the separator bowl, in the case of large volumes, so as not to undermine the effectiveness of the clarification.


Milk separation and clarification.


Manufacturer and model DeLaval 619 (pincipal picture), Westfalia – LWA-205  (second picture)
Dead volume 500 ml
Maximum speed

Westfalia – 12 000 rpm

Delaval – 15 000 rpm