Picture of the equipment :  BASKET CENTRIFUGE


Food sectors:

Dairy products
Fruits and vegetables




The basket centrifuge is a tank where a wire basket rotates at high speed. The centrifugal force causes the liquid to pass through a filter bag installed in the basket that holds the solids. Depending on the nature and the quantity of product to be clarified, it is possible to operate in batch or continuous mode. In continuous mode, the product enters through the feed tube with a pump and is evenly distributed in the basket rotation, and then the clarified product is collected by the outlet pipe. In batch mode, the product is placed in the basket before starting the unit. For cons, the material retained in the filter bag must be removed manually after clarification in both modes.


Dairy, juice, liquid products need to be clarified, spins semi-solid products.


Manufacturer and modelCEPA/TZ 5
Motor speed780 rpm (low) and 880 rpm (high)
Speed of the basket

735 rpm (low) et 1 450 rpm (high)

Basket diameter500 mm
Basket capacity35 liters
2 choices of filter bag60 et 3 ltr to 100qcm/min. 20 mm ws