Picture of the equipment :  CUTTER-MIXER


Food sectors:

Fruits and vegetables
Fishs and seafoods




The mixer -cutter UMC -5 is a very versatile research device for food and pharmaceutical field. Indeed, it can finely chop, emulsify and maintain a precise temperature of the food or pharmaceutical formulation. Moreover, an operation under vacuum can be used to incorporate the powders produced during the process, the concentrate or deaerate product.

The cutter - mixer is constituted by a double-walled vessel connected to a water bath allowing accurate heating of the product. In addition, a stirring shaft at the center of the tank allows the installation of a three accessories (knives emulsion, cutting knives and blades for cutting non- simple stirring) depending on the desired function. Moreover, a speed regulator 300 to graduated 3000 RPM is located on the control panel. Then, a vacuum pump can be connected to the lid of the tank for operation under vacuum, while a pressure gauge indicating the pressure in inches of mercury (in. Hg). A thermocouple located inside the tank shows the temperature (oC) of the product on the digital screen during the process.


Examples of manufacturing or operations with this type of device: liver pâtés, jams, spreads, cheese, seafood mousses, pasteurization lot, venting oil, etc.


Manufacturer and modelStephan Food Processing/UMC-5
Year of manufacture1990
Total volume5 l
Maximum operating temperature95oC
Stirring speed300 to 3 000 RPM
OptionsMixing, cutting, stirring and vacuum operation