Picture of the equipment :  COMITROL PROCESSOR


Food sectors:

Fruits and vegetables


The Urschell Comitrol processor is a particle reducer apparatus equipped with a micro cut head to reduce particle size of semi-solid products to give them a smooth and homogenous texture. The product enters a rotating head equipped with revolving impellers. Through centrifugal force, a portion of the product strikes perpendicularly blades equipped with sharp cutting edges. The particles leave the micro cut head with an approximate size of 74 µm or 200 mesh. Blades spacing and configuration are arranged such that reduced particles exit the rotating head in a sanitary chamber without friction to limit any temperature rise of the product.


Applications: Semi-solid product, slurry or suspension particle size reducing.




Manufacturer and model Urschell, Comitrol model MG 1240
Motor power output    30 hp
Motor speed 3550 rpm
Impeller speed 9360 rpm
Particle size of finished products 74 µm / 200 mesh