Access to the laboratory:

  • Normal working hours in the FTL are from 7:30 a.m. to 12:00 and 13h15 to 16:30 p.m.
  • To have your card activated for access to the FTL outside of normal working hours, see Mélanie Martineau.




  • Lab-coat, hairnet, safety glasses, long pants and closed footwear are mandatory for work in the FTL. Dress code in pictures.
  • Wearing of jewellery is prohibited.
  • Any research project carried out in whole or in part in the FTL must be submitted to the persons in charge for evaluation of chemical hazards and the risk of microbial contamination.


  • No chemicals other than cleaning products may be used and stored in the FTL.
  • For long-term projects requiring regular operations in the FTL, a space for stowing the user’s materials, supplies and accessories may be reserved. This space must be liberated as soon as operations in the FTL are completed.
  • Cold-room storage space for food materials may be provided to the user. However, the user must manage his/her perishable materials and identify them (name, date, product).


 For more details, please consult the safety régulations and directives of department


The terms are the same than internal except:

  • A liability insurance must be provided; contact persons in charge for détails.
  • Storage spaces should be charged; contact persons in charge for details.
  • A temporary electronic access card may be given as needed.
  • A work room can be made available for your waiting times.